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On September 28, 2018, a conference was held in Armenia for key partners of SIS Natural. The company specializes in the production of juices, jams and canned vegetables, being one of the leaders of its industry in Armenia.

At the conference of key partners of“SIS Natural”, a presentation of new products was held. The participants, together with the management of the company, formed and defined a work strategy for 2019.

In addition to business negotiations, we visited the main sights of Armenia.

The visit to this country began with Yerevan, one of the oldest cities in the world. A tour of the city, familiarity with its sights, monuments, fountains made it possible to feel the historical “cut of centuries” in its architecture and original appearance. The next day after the visit of the capital of Armenia, we went on an excursion to the temple in Garni, built in the first century in honor of the sun-god, heavenly light and justice – the only pagan temple that survived in Armenia with majestic Ionic columns, exact proportions, symmetry and rich stone ornament. The picturesque place 28 km from the capital, where this ancient monument is located, was chosen by Armenian kings for their summer residences. Further away from Yerevan, we went to the gorge of the mountain river Goght, where the Geghard monastery complex is located. Some buildings are completely carved in the rocks, while others at the same time partially built of stone. Its name, translated as “spear”, Gegard received in honor of the weapons stored here, which, according to legend, the Roman soldier pierced Jesus on the cross. A concert of choral singing by the servants of one of the temples of the complex was also arranged for us.

Another memorable event for us was a trip to Sevan – a huge freshwater lake surrounded by mountain ranges. With its clear water and green shores surrounded by mountain peaks, Sevan is called one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the world. The ancient Armenians believed that Gods drink from Sevan, therefore they treated him with great trepidation. Now, over 250 thousand people live on the shores of the lake, excellent conditions are created for recreation here, and the area is simply created to admire nature.

Finished our cultural trip, a trip to the Hotel Apaga in the city of Ijevan. We arrived at this hotel when everything around was in a fog, and what surrounds us was a mystery. What a pleasant surprise we had when the weather changed! Incredibly beautiful place, a delightful mountain resort with an endless amount of entertainment and friendly staff.

So this how our three-day stay in picturesque Armenia passed. Even those of us who have already visited this beautiful ancient country have managed to visit unfamiliar places and learn new things. We were able to feel the full force of nature and recharge ourselves with the positive energy of a talented people, get acquainted with its traditions, culture and art.

The Baltrading team sincerely thanks SIS Natural and its leader Armen Hakobian for their warm welcome and hospitality.