Exhibition PRODEXPO 2019

The best Finnish products of 2019

Working meetings with Latvian manufacturers, August 2019

Exhibition “Salon Gourmets” 08.04.2019-11.04.2019

Quarterly meetings with Finnish suppliers, March 2019


At the beginning of February, according to the already beloved tradition, the employees of the Baltor company attended the PRODEXPO exhibition, which is the first significant event in the 2019 business calendar for manufacturers, food suppliers and retailers. This exhibition literally has no analogues: for 26 years it sets the bar and determines the vector of development of the domestic food market, in fact, forming it.

2,442 companies from 69 countries of the world, including from Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Australia, demonstrated their best food and beverage samples.

At this exhibition, we annually maintain business contacts and establish new contacts, and in general, we carry out market analysis.

The PRODEXPO 2019 exhibition was once again unusually productive for us. You will soon be able to evaluate its results by our work.