February is the month of LATVIA!

The best Finnish products of 2019

Working meetings with Latvian manufacturers, August 2019

Exhibition “Salon Gourmets” 08.04.2019-11.04.2019

Quarterly meetings with Finnish suppliers, March 2019

In the framework of the partnership of the companies Baltrading and the LIAA (Investment & Development Agency of Latvia), the first delivery of food products from Latvia to St. Petersburg was organized. According to the results of the negotiations held from September 5 to September 9 with Latvian manufacturers, a joint marketing plan for the promotion of products from Latvia in the territory of the Russian Federation was agreed. The project will be attended by trade organizations of St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The residents of the city on the Neva will be the first to get acquainted with the products. The best gastronomy of Latvia will be provided by the best manufacturers:

  1. Functional muesli “Graci”, containing triticale – a hybrid of wheat and rye, an important source of protein, fats and vitamins of group B.
  2. Popular traditional milk sweets Skriverskaya Korovka of the Skriveru trademark, as well as dried fruits in chocolate and the finest sweets from real almond marzipan.
  3. Natural wholemeal rye breadsticks from Mario.
  4. Milzu Organic Whole Grain Breakfast Cereal!
  5. Royal Berry drinks, which use only berries grown on organic fields in Latvia.
  6. Natural drinks from the most delicious berries and water of the Eridan ice age of the Ricberry trademark.

The residents of St. Petersburg will be able to purchase these goods on the shelves of Land Supermarkets and  Stockmann stores.