The best Finnish products of 2019

The best Finnish products of 2019

Working meetings with Latvian manufacturers, August 2019

Exhibition “Salon Gourmets” 08.04.2019-11.04.2019

Quarterly meetings with Finnish suppliers, March 2019


On September 2019, 3, the winners of the competition for the best product of Finnish export to Russia were announced at the Finnish consulate.

The competition was organized at the initiative of St. Petersburg companies: the chain of supermarkets “Land”,  Baltrading a food importer from Northern Europe; and the General  Consulate of Finland in St. Petersburg ; El-Centre (Centre for economic development, transport and environment of Finland); Proagria company.

The competition itself was held in Finland. The first qualifying tour took place in Spring 2019. More than 70 manufacturers and about 200 products took part in the competition. The winners were five Finnish food producers, whose products were widely represented in Russia.

Manufacturers whose products were selected and won in the categories: ” best vegan product “, ” best trademark “, ” Best Organic product “, ” best product in the category of confectionery “, ” best product in the category of drinks “, In the near future, they will be able to take part in large-scale annual events ” Finnish days ” and ” Crazy days ” at the deli department store in Stockman, as well as will appear in the range of gastro boutiques in Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Kazan.

List of winners:

Bonnet Juomat, lohja is the best vegan product: Puree Afforestation Bonnet Premium

Helsinki Mills Ltd, järvenpää is the best brand: Oat Flakes

Lakumesta Oh, dismissal is the best candy product: Milk Chocolate

Riitan Herkku, mustasaari is the best berry drink: Blueberry soup

Sunspelt, mikkeli is the best organic product: Cereal

Tähtikuoharit from Johannesburg received a special mention for innovative product