The international exhibition of consumer goods Ambiente Frankfurt February 8-12, 2019

The best Finnish products of 2019

Working meetings with Latvian manufacturers, August 2019

Exhibition “Salon Gourmets” 08.04.2019-11.04.2019

Quarterly meetings with Finnish suppliers, March 2019


Ambiente Frankfurt – the international exhibition of consumer goods. Since 1949, Ambiente sets the pace for the world of consumer products every year. The “Ambiente” exposition includes everything that surrounds a person in life and in life (literal translation ambiente from Italian). A unique variety in such areas as: Dining (dining room), Giving (gifts), Living (Interior), offers a thorough overview and shows the innovative possibilities of this pulsating sector. The offer in these areas is clearly structured for different forms of the trading platform and distribution channel.

  1. Dining (Dining Room). Exposure Dining is the leading international platform for products used for table setting, kitchen decoration and home interiors.
  2. Giving (Gifts): This presents a variety of gift ideas; An exciting range of products is offered for all events and lifestyles: from ordinary gifts and accessories to watches and jewelry.
  3. Living (Interior): solutions for all concepts and styles of interior are presented here, furniture design, classical furniture ideas, lighting and decor trends are offered.

As trends in 2019, three areas were represented, figuratively called Tasteful Residence, Quiet Surroundings and Joy-Filled Ambience.

Cozy home – a trend that combines handmade jewelry and unique interior items. Velvety fabrics and other soft, solid materials will be preferred materials. Berry and dark petrol shades set a sensual tone for this trend.

Tranquil nature – eco-friendly products, natural materials and design that do not harm the environment. The materials used are hemp, flax, as well as straw, clay and ceramics.

The essence of the trend “Joyful atmosphere” is a fresh, extraordinary style, in which floral motifs, geometric details, vintage prints prevail. The motto of this trend: “You can be who you want.”

Ambiente is one of the most beautiful exhibitions in the world. One of the main advantages of the event is an inspiring creative environment that allows you to generate new ideas.

Participation in this event provided us with the opportunity to learn about the latest developments and innovative products, get more information about current events in the market, as well as establish new contacts.

The motto of the exhibition: “To live, give, decorate, celebrate.” Inspired by the beauty we have seen, we are looking forward to starting cooperation with new non-food manufacturers.