Distribution of food products is the main business of Baltrading Company. Our practical experience since 1998 allows us to competently plot a vector of promotion in the Russian Federation of food and beverages that meet the requirements of the market and consumer demand. We are experts in the field of evaluating capacity sales in Russia, relying both on domestic sales statistics of consumer goods and on external sources of information. Brand portfolio of Baltrading Company includes different categories of goods (grocery, confectionery, drinks, seasonal, holiday products, etc.). In much more detail, you can be acquainted with the products by visiting our Catalog.
We respect the business of our partners. Our credo is to offer the market quality product that meets modern trends. Pace of life in metropolis dictates frequent changes in people’s food excesses. Our challenge as an experienced distributor is to anticipate changes in shopping preferences and to offer along with those products that have been on the market for a long time, new products that meet different meal option. This distinguishes us from other distributors, for that we are loved by our customers. Throughout the year the specialists of our Company visit various exhibitions and industry events, which allow us to constantly maintain a high level of competence in our field. Baltrading is a company where it is always possible to obtain information about new trends in the FMCG market.
Our clients are both federal and regional networks of Russia, individual entrepreneurs, wholesale companies and online stores. In addition, we carry out export deliveries of goods to network operators of other countries. We clearly understand the task of the distributor: the provision of high-level service in the selection of brand portfolio, logistics of goods and promotion at points of sale. The increasing number of our partners shows that we meet the challenges.