About company

«Baltrading» company was founded in June 1998 in Saint-Petersburg.
The main activity of the Company is the organization of trade-economic cooperation between the Russian retail sector and small and medium-sized enterprises of the near and far-abroad countries
The Company’s functions include a set of measures aimed at bringing new foreign products to the Russian market: from searching for a top requested assortment of goods, to the cooperation arrangements with the final buyer at a retail outlet.
Up to date, Baltrading Company offers the following spectrum of services:

  • Import of goods from Europe, as well as Latin America, Japan and South Korea.
  • Organization of the sales distribution chain in Russian Federation.
  • Well-balanced selection portfolio of exclusive imported goods with the sales analytics in retail outlets of the Russian Federation of different segments.
  • Product promotion, BTL, event-based marketing.
  • Full-service support of exhibition activities in the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as CIS and EU countries (from the design and construction of the stand to the organization of work during the exhibition).
  • International logistics, delivery of goods from the pallet.
  • Delivery of goods on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Complex follow-up support of export of goods.
  • Arrangement of permission documentation, adaptation of the product label according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Certification of large-scale goods.
  • Services of secure storage in St. Petersburg.
  • The organization of tours for representatives of the retail sector on the European production.

Baltrading Company is a regular partner of the Eurasian Business Union, as well as international export support organizations: Proagria (Finland), Iche (Italy), Jetro (Japan), Kotra (South Korea), AICEP (Portugal), ICEX (Spain). Our Company closely interacts with the state bodies of the partner countries. Among them, the general consulates of Finland, Italy, Great Britain, Armenia, Japan, Ecuador.
A team of highly qualified personnel in the field of customs and the international logistics department will quickly cope with the import and export of large-scale goods and foodstuffs.
The Quality Department guarantees the compliance of the licensing documentation and the product label with the current Russian legislation. Competent marketers will create a successful image and targeted promotion of the product.
Cooperating with Baltrading Company, you get an experienced and reliable partner in the field of international trade relations.