International exhibition Christmasworld in Frankfurt am Main on January 29, 2019

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January is a special month when Baltrading employees attend the Christmasworld exhibition to keep abreast of the latest trends in the decor world.

Christmasworld is the world’s most important trade show and the world’s largest platform for the international sector of seasonal and holiday decorations – and therefore the ideal B2B trade show for a great start to the new business season. Christmasworld in Frankfurt am Main brings together manufacturers, retailers and large commercial buyers from around the world.

The motto of the exhibition Christmasworld 2019: “Everything that you want for your business.” About thousands of participants gathered from around the world with their new ideas, fresh developments, to inspire tens of thousands of visitors and visitors to the Christmasworld exhibition.

It is here that manufacturers from around the world present their products and new collections of Christmas toys, decorative elements, Christmas decorations, candles, packaging and textiles.

The trends for the upcoming holiday season, 2019/20, are “Gentle Celebrations”, “Significant Events”, “Sweet Traditions” and “Glowing Celebrations”. Four emotional worlds of style emphasize the festive design and offer an exclusive tool for the compilation of the range. In addition to the poetic and sensual design, glamorous styles and original design ideas were also presented.

Gentle festivities. The moon, moonlight, stars and stardust are the inspiration for these festive decorations. Fine colors ranging from pale pastel and neutral shades to cool puristic gold. Light, reflected light misted blurred and visual effects are the basis of this image. Also natural colors that are present in materials such as stone, pearls and paper are relevant too.

The basis of the second image is naturalness and authenticity. This style is full of emotions, which combines modernity with natural colors and rustic materials. The earthy color reflects the close connection between naturalness, modernity and rusticality. This is achieved by meeting calm, cool colors with warm, burnt tones and green tea color matcha. Matte and rough finish underlines this style.

“Sweet traditions” is joy and coquetry! This trend, which attracts the attention of cute and humorous details. Gingerbread, peach, nougat, strawberry ice, coconut, rum and raisins together with evergreen create a recipe in which even the traditional Christmas red and green begins to play in new ways.

The fourth trend “Glowing Celebrations” is uniqueness and glamor. The script is full of glitz and glamor of the party, futuristic music, brilliant effects and iridescent Christmas outfits. Bright colors in combination with elegant dark tones together with iridescent surfaces are the basis of this trend.

These will be the trends of the upcoming holiday season, 2019/20. The Baltrading company would like to thank the organizers of the exhibition for having received such great pleasure from visiting it and being inspired to create collections of decor for the new holiday season.