Quarterly meetings with Finnish suppliers, March 2019

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Quarterly meetings with Finnish suppliers, March 2019


At the end of March 2019, in the Finnish city of Tampere, another quarterly meeting for Finnish partners was held, organized by Baltrading Company together with our Finnish partner ProAgria.

The concept of the meeting was to sum up the results of work in the first quarter, as well as to discuss the strategy of distribution of Finnish goods in the Russian Federation in the second quarter of 2019.

During the two-day seminar, Baltor employees visited the factories of our Finnish suppliers, where once again we could personally familiarize ourselves with the production process of the goods we imported, ensure high European standards of production, their environmental friendliness and see all the stages of production and storage.

All participants of the seminar noted the practical orientation of the seminar, the opportunity to compare their experience with the experience of other manufacturers, and were also happy to spend time in a warm, friendly atmosphere.